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Sante Holy White 5,1%

Sante Holy White is a beautiful Belgian white beer. Your nose discovers the traditional white beer aromas of citrus and coriander which fit totally in with the style. This beer is equally thirst-quenching and tasteful being grainy, floral, fruity and a little spicy.

The wheat creates delicious aromas that remind of freshly harvested grains and baked bread. A first sip tells you how these aromas arre supported by a soft fullness. The beer is surprisingly fresh thanks to the typical richness of the wheat and the citrus tones.

Santé Holy White has everything you expect from a nice Belgian white beer.

Sante Holy White

food pairing

This beer complements perfectly with many snacks and dishes thanks to its refreshing taste.
You can play with the harmony of the spicy accents and the fruity aromas and create pairings with fine and soft flavours. Think for example of combinations with light recipes?

You can however contrast with this beer, e.g. this beer is ideal to refresh earthly and nutty notes in dishes and in this way rebalance the beer with the dish.


The beer sparkles in the glass thanks to a straw yellow colour and fine bubbles. Its creamy white and sticky foam collar finishes the picture.


100% Belgian, with hops of Poperinge.

available in

4x 33cl
24x 33cl