Vokla bvba (“Vokla”) takes great care of the protection of her client data. We make sure that the your personal information you provide us is always treated confidentially and that your privacy is respected at all times.

Below we give you some more information about our privacy policy.

• E-mail and IP addresses and any other personal data will not be communicated to third parties. Your express consent is always required. You can always unsuscribe from our newsletter.

• If you have ever chosen to receive our newsletter or mailings, you can always unsuscribe from them. In that case your data will be deleted.

• The website makes use of Cookies. Those are data that are temporarily stocked on your hard disk and that offer you the convenience of remembering your user name and password when you wish to log in on our site again.

• If the computer you work on is used by others, we advise you to deconnect yourself at all times. Logging off implies that your user name and password are deleted and that you have to re-enter them at a next visit. That way you prevent misuse of your data.

• Click stream: on the website we keep track of the sites you visit the most. This helps us to optimize our websites and improve Vokla’ services.

If you have further questions about your personal data being saved or altered, we’ll gladly help you. Contact us at

We expect from the users of our website to have read the above and to have agreed to it.